“I don’t like going out drinking, how else can I make friends?”

“I’m really worried about my mum she seems to be struggling now I’m at uni. I don’t know how to help”

“I’ve lost all my friends and have no money; how can I get home safely?”

“Its really not working with my girlfriend, I want to break up with her. How can I do it without hurting her feelings?”

“I just cant cope anymore, I cant see a way forward.”

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“How is everyone else having fun when exams are right around the corner?”

“There are so many different staff at the university, I neve know who does what, Who do I go to for advice about housing?”

“I know it sounds stupid, but I get scared walking home alone, can you stay on the phone with me?”

“I’ve noticed since I’ve been at Uni I’ve been drinking too much. I want to cut down but am stressed when I don’t drink. What should I do?”

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